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...¡y prospero año nuevo!

On New Year's Eve, I spent the entire evening (until one A.M.!) playing group games with a couple other homeschooling families (whom I hardly get to see otherwise). I narrated a couple games of Mafia, and participated in a game similar to both Charades and Catchphrase. We had snacks.

I visited with cousins the past couple days. It was lovely. I caught up with the cousin I used to be practically best friends with... I don't get to see her nearly enough!

And we had our final Christmas!

So, I got some amazing gifts, over this whole Christmas season. I shall relish writing my thank-you notes--of which some may become letters (one at least will).

the pocket edition of "Daring Book for Girls"
earring-necklace set, handmade by my roomie :-)
two hatboxes
a cute rustic-y wreath of fabric and wire
money from my grandparents
a DVD of three Audrey Hepburn movies
a baby-doll shirt (the kind with the shirred elastic)
an Audrey Hepburn-esque dress thing
an SD card!
a gift card to Jo-Ann's (which I've already spent)
more candy
more earrings
a purple unicorn stuffed animal
a purple purse
a purple boa
and a purple laundry basket

See? And most of it was a complete surprise! I mean, the shirt and the Audrey Hepburn things were from my parents, and since I was helping Mom shop for most of the Christmas presents for my cousins and all, I picked them out... but the rest, from my siblings and my aunts and uncles, were really fun to discover!

My siblings each got a cell phone from one of my sets of cousins... should be interesting to see how they use them. They're prepay so there are no strings attached.

I managed to convince my brother to sing up front for my church's Christmas Eve service. It was difficult to get him to do it... notwithstanding his amazing bass voice (which very few know about!), he gets stage fright, and hasn't done much public speaking (or singing) to get over it. But the first verse of "I Heard the Bells" was never done so well, at least in my humble (biased?) opinion. :-)


Guitarlady said…
I agree (about your brother). Several folks also mentioned how nice it was to hear him sing!
RS said…
mhm I know. We shall have to get him to do it some other time. :-D (And I know you're seeing this, little brother.... you're going to do it again eventually!)
The Little Brother said…
"eventually" Being the key word

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