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¡Tendré un puesto para el verano!

Which, translated, means: I will have a job for the summer!

I will be working at the same warehouse I staffed last summer. Though it was not the most desirable job, I liked parts of it well enough to tolerate it for the two months I was there. And again this summer, I will spend about two months, maybe a little more, packing boxes in that warehouse. It pays very well, for a summer job--it's way above minimum wage!--and I'll get a good many hours, I know. And it will pass the time until....

Study abroad, at the end of August! I'll head onto a plane the last week or so, and spend almost four months out of the country. I'll be immersed into a Spanish-speaking culture... and I will most definitely enjoy it. I may miss my family and my friends--I've been assured that I will--but the experience will be one for a lifetime.


Guitarlady said…
I think you mean "puesto".
RS said…
Whoops! Typo alert.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you'd misspell a Spanish word.

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