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Dinner with the couple, and music searching #2

My goodness, last night was sooooo random. Story first, then intro to country music browsing.

First of all, my student group studying here in this Central American country decided to cook dinner for the special speakers that came this week for chapel. See, lots of people at this institute were signing up to host them for dinner (i.e. take them out to some random restaurant), but as of Tuesday morning nobody had yet signed up to take care of them Wednesday night, and one of my fellow students suggested we do something for them.

Originally the plan was to take them to a local restaurant, but we changed our minds and decided to make something ourselves. (We're college students. This was cheaper and would be just as delicious!) So last night, we convened in the institute's kitchen (which we were allowed to borrow, fortunately!) and made ourselves a large batch of heavenly alfredo, and heated up some rolls as well.

So, after chapel last night, we sat down to a delicious dinner of alfredo, rolls, Tang, and cookies. And these chapel speakers were hilarious! The guy's sixty, and his wife's close to that, but they were talking music with us (mainly with the other end of the table, actually) and keeping up their end easily! In other words, they (the man mainly) was discussing music that was popular with this group of just-above-teenagers, and held his own.

Of course, the music conversation split into different groups after a bit, and I happened to be sitting next to a guy who likes country. And across from me was a gal friend of mine, who apparently also likes country. My gal friend told me I would probably like a lot of country; and the other guy (who was the cook for this night, incidentally) was listing off names of his favorite country artists.

The supper was a smashing success. The couple loved the food and the fact that they didn't have to go anywhere, and they were introduced to this country's best packaged cookies which they might never have tasted otherwise. And us? We loved hosting them. It's not every day you meet such a fun couple, and we got to eat dinner with them!


So, I have another music-searching, self-assigned research topic: country music. I'm listening to Garth Brooks (this particular YouTube playlist, that is) right now, and there was one song I really liked the instrumentation of... Standing Outside the Fire, that was it. And I like The Thunder Rolls as well. But... meh, I'm not sure this guy is all my style. I don't like twang or whiny electric guitar. Some songs are great, yes, but not all of them.

More later on: Toby Keith, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Alabama, George Strait. Especially Alabama since my guy friend told me I'd probably like them in particular. And maybe I'll think of more singers later. At least I already know I love John Denver music!


Guitarlady said…
Oooh, you'd probably like Alabama - I certainly do! They have a nice, tight harmony.
RS said…
Yeah, my gal friend later told me I probably would like Alabama. And yet I still haven't gotten around to listening to that!

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