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Brief note on cafecito

One of the things I've grown to like while living here is coffee.

If you ever knew how much I hated the smell, taste, or thought of coffee before coming here, you would understand how marvelous that is. Now, I still dislike black coffee, but put a bunch of milk and sugar in a cup of coffee and I will drink the whole thing. Fortunately my host mamá somehow makes the coffee exactly how I like it! I still haven't quite figured out what she does to it, but I've managed to approximate the taste when I've had to make my own.

Tomorrow afternoon we U.S. students are hosting a little coffee party (cafecito) for our host mamás and I'm looking forward to that. We'll be serving small sandwiches (sánguches in Spanish!) and brownies in addition to the coffee.


Guitarlady said…
How funny! Same thing happened to me when I first went to Colombia. I used to hate coffee too! ROTFL
mafia said…
*chants* Sarah likes coffee, Sarah likes coffee, Sarah likes coffee, Sarah likes coffee, Sarah likes coffee..... :-D
RS said…
I know! I was telling my mamá about all this and she said that a lot of the students end up like this--not liking coffee before, and enjoying it after being here for awhile.

Abby! What a silly sister I must have... :D
Anonymous said…
I didn't start having coffee until I was in college. It's all about what you are used to.
RS said…
Yeah pretty much. I'm going to miss my afternoon snack when I return to the States too...

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