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Randomness before the beach

1. I'm going to the beach tomorrow, and haven't gone to bed yet! But I'm not tired... and I've actually slept well this week. I think I shall just need some rest on the four-hour bus ride... because I'll be meeting everyone at five in the morning, i.e. in exactly six hours and twenty minutes.

2. I love the movie Fireproof, and I just got to see it in Spanish!

3. Piano is a really fun instrument... I played piano spontaneously for our worship team practice today, because our pianist didn't show. It wasn't really that hard, and it all came together well. I won't be playing for the real thing next week--this was just so we could all practice with getting the instruments together--but for this bit, it was great, and I was really glad to play an instrument.... it's been weeks since I last touched a guitar or a piano.

4. I have officially been here, in my adopted Central American country, for half my semester. I now have as much, if not more, time I've spent here than I have left until I leave.

How sad is that?


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