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One of these days...

... I always have lots of things planned to do. I don't normally get around to doing them quite when I meant to, though.

Anyways. One of those things was to update my link list on the side there. Honestly, if there were a way I could conveniently link my Google Reader list to my blog sidebar, that would be great. But there is not. However I can give you examples...

I have several folders. The ones I actually read are "Geekish" (yes, that's the name), "Christianity and life" (for which I couldn't come up with a better name), "Language" and "Friend blogs".

"Geekish" sample: which basically collects fascinating scientific breakthroughs/studies for those who don't think the newspaper covers it enough.

"Christianity and life" sample: Pyromaniacs, run mainly by a man named Phil Johnson. Fascinating theological discussions, and Spurgeon readings on top of that!

"Language" sample: OK, so I love this sort of stuff. The most recent find (today, actually) was How to Write Badly Well which amuses me to no end. It's self-explanatory.

"Friend blogs" sampe: There are a lot of blogs here, plus a web forum, but hardly anything gets updated with any frequency. The RI has been experiencing a kind of resurrection, though!

Coming soon... more on music, and hopefully an actual updated link directory in the sidebar. You'd be surprised at what I keep tabs on!


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