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Sickness and laughter

So, I just went on a weekend field trip (kinda like this one, only longer than just a full day) to the rain forest, and it was wonderful.

However, I was also sick about half the time. Well, I had been sick on Wednesday, just from a reaction to too much sugar... basically, I ate two, largish, peanut-butter-topped, wonderful homemade brownies, and some pop, in the same night. Not a good idea for me.

Anyhow. So, I was well again Thursday and Friday. Until, that is, I happened to have a snack that contained chocolate. Apparently I had a delayed reaction of sorts--I was sick from chocolate on Wednesday, so my body didn't like the chocolate on Friday.

That turned into slightly sleepless nights and a sometimes-not-so-happy stomach... but, somehow, I still had a blast. I was just well enough to do the hiking and the ziplining Saturday morning (think about it! Ziplining from peak to peak in the rainforest!!) and managed to stay alert enough during the Quaker meeting (more on that later) to observe and think.

Also, I thought it hilarious that my prof accidentally left me at the trail center when we were driving from there to the ziplining center. I had thought it was a joke, but when I jumped out of the trail guide's truck (he generously drove me a minute or two to catch up to our bus) and into the bus, the looks on everyone's faces told me it was totally not a joke. It only made me laugh more.


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