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An advantage of two cameras that I can photograph one with the other.

In your latest news, I bought a new digital camera last week, and picked it up from the campus post office today. I am very pleased with this addition to my technological possessions!

It's a Fujifilm FinePix S1500, 12x zoom, 10 megapixels, viewfinder, lots of settings (including a manual where I can set both the aperture AND the shutter speed!), and powered by regular batteries.


Anonymous said…
I remember considering that camera last time our family was looking for one! It's what we intended to buy (it's a good one) but the store was out at the time so we settled for something else. You'll enjoy it!

RS said…
Yes I've been enjoying it very much! I've not taken too many pictures with it so far, but enough to discover that the flash is incredibly powerful and ought not to be used very close to the subject. :P

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