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Nicholas Nickleby

My goodness! Has it really been this long since I posted on my blog?? I shall have to rectify this oversight!

Tonight I saw the movie "Nicholas Nickleby" for the first time. (Among other actors & actresses, it has Anne Hathaway, which I thought was interesting. I was glad she didn't have that big a part though, and to be fair she did play a slightly different sort of character than her usual.) Anyway, I really liked it. It's based on the book by the same name written by Charles Dickens, which I have yet to read but may attempt over spring break. I'll be on a nice long car trip for a good portion of that time so I may well be able to read it!

I've been curious about the story ever since reading "Rose in Bloom" (by Louisa May Alcott; one of my absolute favorite books) and noticing several references to it. Now my curiosity has been pleasantly satisfied.

It's about a young man whose father dies, leaving him, his mother and his younger sister penniless and seeking help from their uncle. Now, this uncle is a horrid old financier with no morals, so Nicholas ends up as an assistant teacher at a boys' boarding school where the boys are beaten for anything or nothing and the servant-boy is treated worst of all. My favorite part is where... but I won't spoil it!

I'll just say, men in suits and top hats who actually stand up for what's right are quite handsome. :P


Carol said…
See most of my comments on an e-mail to you! You're the first of the "younger generation" I've known who has even HEARD of "Rose in Bloom"! Hey, I still liked Charlie, even though I would have chosen Mac, too! (was that his name????) :-)

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