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Live from NYC

Guess what?!?


*very large happy grin*

My roomie invited me to go with her & her family to NYC to visit her brother's family, because my roomie's little niece was turning one over spring break. So, I found myself riding several hours in a van across multiple states to get to this fabled large city. And then, I went to Manhattan, and had a small tour of the place:
--Grand Central Station (including the little part where you & one other person stand in opposite corners & whisper to each other & can hear!)
--The Chrysler Building (gorgeous.)
--Rockefeller Plaza (they still had the ice skating rink out)
--Central Park (including another ice rink there, and lots of street performers)
--Trump Tower
--Radio City Music Hall
--a small Japanese eatery
--a small ice-cream shop that sells Cereal Milk (no joke, it's basically the milk that you get after a bowl of cornflakes)

Also, I've been in Long Island, Queens, and driven through the Bronx.

So, when I come again this spring for my World Journalism Institute course, I intend to see:
--The Empire State Building (since this is where I'll be taking the classes!)
--Times Square
--Wall Street
--The Statue of Liberty (that will take a train or bus ride or something....)
--The Flatiron Building
--The New York Public Library
--The old Singer Sewing Machine Corp. building (I don't even know if it's still standing)
--St. John's Cathedral (that will take a bus ride too)

I'll also return to Central Park.

And fortunately for me, all of the above except the Statue of Liberty are in Manhattan... so it shouldn't be too hard to hit all these places in two weekends! I hope anyway.


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