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The founding of the Inklings

Last night, my friends and I held a C.S. Lewis party in my apartment living room. We had tea and arepas (a Hispanic food) and discussed various C.S. Lewis quotes/ideas/books before watching the BBC movie "Shadowlands."

My roommate and another friend drew all over the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk to advertise this party. I didn't know about the chalking plan until I returned from a meeting and saw it all, in its completed glory. I laughed quite a lot and loved it.

At this C.S. Lewis party, we decided that it was the inaugural Inklings meeting. By which we meant, we were going to found a club called The Inklings (just like C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and others had) and meet about every Saturday night to discuss various authors and watch related movies. Of course, this is going to be pretty informal, since it's mostly an excuse to hang out and be the literary nerds we sometimes are.

Next time, we're going out to a bonfire pit and read our favorite poetry to one another, then will return to my apartment to watch "Dead Poets Society." Doesn't that sound fun?

Well, it's what I call fun, as a college student.


Anonymous said…
I have an 'inkling' that no quills were present though!
Guitarlady said…
Sounds like fun. Beware though, "Dead Poets Society" is sad.
RS said…
Nope, no quills. And I've already seen it once, Mom, so I know how it ends.

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