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Compendium of Links #4

I just got back from a day of newspaper layout for the college newspaper. As the managing editor… I stay the longest. But I also enjoy my work, which is probably the only reason I’ve survived this long in my major. So, the rest of the day will likely be filled with writing papers and a novel, running to Wal-Mart, and possibly watching a movie.

So much has been going on this week that I haven’t done nearly as much online reading as I normally do. I’ve been writing a novel, trying out (and getting a small part in) the school’s musical, and of course gearing up for another issue of the school newspaper. Oh, and taking the senior test. Glad that’s over.

Social Scientist Sees Bias Within – from the New York Times: psychologists are overwhelmingly liberal. Who’da thunk?!? *sarcasm dripping* (Via World blog.)

A Self-Referential Story – This is a sentence that tells you the link goes to a story sounding like this the whole way through. This is a sentence telling you that it is funny. This is a sentence that tells you I got this link from my roommate.

Good music that my friend showed me…

It’s Canadian folk stuff. The voice is vaguely Celtic, maybe.


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