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World issues week

Apparently this was the week that the world decided to intrude itself into the U.S. news consciousness. Egypt’s government is slip-sliding away; Tunisia’s was/ doing the same; Jordan’s may be showing signs of… something; Yemeni people are standing in solidarity with the Egyptians; and the U.S. isn’t exactly sure what to do with it all.

But in other news—there was a bit of good news. South Sudan voted to secede from the North, and its independence is being recognized.


(Picture by Mark Allen White, relative of a friend.)

There are still some things that need to be smoothed out—one region on the border is claimed by both the North and the South, for one thing—but so far, so good. As long as the unrest in the other countries doesn’t spread to the Sudan and mangle things up.

Praise the Lord for this bit of good news, though. He knows South Sudan needs it…


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