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*Sniff* ah-CHOO!

I came down with a cold over J-term break. Not the best way to pass the time, but it could’ve been worse, I suppose.

Today’s goal… has not been developed yet. I suppose I might do some writing, whether in my journal or on my computer; I might also find a good book to start reading. And I do have a very messy desk I should clean up.

But sitting and doing nothing feels like a really good idea right now. At least, my sinuses seem to think so.

Coming next week—actual thoughts!


mafia said…
and you even shared....aren't you so nice? ;-) (that is to say, I now have clogged sinuses and all)
RS said…
Oh no! Were you sniffing away during clinicals this morning? Hopefully it'll go away soon.
mafia said…
I was, and I was even supposed to wear a mask because one patient had a low WBC count.
RS said…
Oh my. Are you feeling any better? (Also see? I updated my blog for you. :D )

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