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Compendium of Links #2

And this time, it really is #2. For the next few months (at least), I’m going to try to post a few of the links I’ve read each week on Saturday morning. It’ll give me a good reason to keep this blog active, no? And I generally find some interesting links…

Since January 30th, I have found:

The Stanford University Persuasive Tech Lab tries “to create insight into how computing products–from websites to mobile phone software–can be designed to change people’s beliefs and behaviors. Our major projects include technology for creating health habits, mobile persuasion, and the psychology of Facebook.”

The Ethnologue used to be in print and really expensive. Now it’s online, and apparently free. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about any language in the world…. and it’ll tell you what languages are spoken in any given country.

The Google Art Project is nifty!

While reading World Magazine, I noticed a blurb about “The idea is that if you can get in the habit of writing three pages a day, that it will help clear your mind and get the ideas flowing for the rest of the day. Unlike many of the other exercises in that book, I found that this one actually worked and was really really useful.” So he made a website to let other people do it too. It’s simple but effective.

Somebody named Mark Leynell wrote 12 questions to ask of albums so people can listen intelligently to a given set of songs. These take into consideration the music, lyrics, and arrangement of the songs in the album.

The Anti-Joke tickles my fancy: “What’s brown and sticky? A stick.” “What would George Washington do if he were alive today? Scream and scratch at the top of his coffin.” (FYI, Mom, you probably wouldn’t like this. It’s more my brother’s type of humor.)

And my roommate showed me this video:

I love dry humor and animal voiceover videos.


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