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Compendium of Links #14 (Question edition)

This week I realized that half the random links I view are actually e-mailed to me by my editor. Who knows where she finds these things, but they’re oddities for sure. Like the first one…

What would you do for five bucks? Would you do a video while speed drawing any funny character with a personalized message in the speech bubble? Would you send me five origami dresses? Would you crochet a small octopus? I am not making any of these up…

But the real question is: Would you cheat on a test? An infographic from Wired Academic says most young people would. (Via @PaulGlader)

Another good question: Does information really want to be free? Well, you could call it getting a free ride—and it just might ruin the very information (and music, or video, or whatever) it seeks to transmit. Or so says Robert Levine in The (U.K.) Observer, and he makes a good case for it:

Technology executives aren't exactly shedding tears for companies such as EMI, saying they just can't compete online. But much of the competition EMI are up against isn't the kind to encourage, because it won't lead to better products. The Pirate Bay never tried to release better music than EMI – it just distributed the same music in a way that didn't provide any compensation for its creators. Similarly, the Huffington Post doesn't compete with other newspapers for stories – it just summarises news other papers have already reported. Legally or not, the companies essentially outsource their costs. In economic terms, they're getting a "free ride".

Know a victim of sexual assault? Here’s what to say and what not to say.

My last question, I promise: Are you a textrovert? That is, an introvert who suddenly becomes extroverted—but only when venturing online, like on Facebook or chat rooms or whatever next-generation website is the fad. I’m not so sure I am, or at least, I’m not anymore as much as I used to be… I don’t think.

I promise, this video is not about questions. But it’s absolutely hilarious—a sort-of deleted scene from one of my favorite TV shows (which I am watching entirely via.

This is my kind of humor. Get it or die.


da_baum said…
Dating advice for only FIVE DOLLARS?! Sweet!
Sarah said…
*rolleyes* you would say that. :P

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