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And it’s back to work

The only bad thing about vacations is that they end!

After my wonderful trip to visit my college roomie, now going to grad school in Boston, I had one day to recover—thanks to long experience telling me I wouldn’t be either rested or prepared to go back to work immediately. I spent Wednesday sleeping, doing laundry, and generally taking it easy in order to be refreshed for the short workweek ahead. (Yes, very short.)

Then came Thursday. It came early, too, beginning with a 7:30 a.m. meeting I had to cover. Such is the life of a reporter; my time, though flexible, is partly ruled by the meeting schedules of various governmental bodies. I barely dragged myself out of bed, still groggy from losing sleep over the entire extended weekend, and got to the morning meeting of the county park district.

Doesn’t sound too enthralling, right? Actually it’s better than it sounds. It’s a good thing for the park district that their meetings are down-to-earth but not meandering! I look forward to covering these people, since they’re no-nonsense with the business agenda but they still crack jokes as they see fit. Plus, these are the types of people that I get along with—nerdy and outdoorsy. (They get excited over owl tagging and random salamanders found in Target foodstuff crates. Not exaggerating here.)

It might help that they like me at the moment—I ventured onto their 32-mile bikeway a few weeks ago and wrote about it for the paper.

A little coffee and the humor at this meeting put me in a good mood for the rest of the morning, until I could go home for an extended lunch break (read: naptime). Then this afternoon, among other things, I had the chance to ride in a crane—a very, very large crane, at which the eye level from the driver’s seat was about forty feet up in the air. Beware, those who are afraid of heights.

I definitely had no idea this morning that I’d be riding in a crane this afternoon. But that’s the fun of reporting. No two days are alike. I wouldn’t want them to be, either.

Can you tell I love my job?


Alicia Brooks said…
Do you have a picture of yourself in this crane? How fun! I'm glad your work is so enjoyable! I think it just fits you like a glove!
Sarah said…
Nope, unfortunately I was behind the camera the whole time! Haha yep this job is awesome!

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