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Life on my own #14: Photography in Boston

One of the many perks of being young and carefree: I can go pretty much… anywhere.

That is, anywhere I can afford. But to be honest, most people have concerns other than financial that keep them in one place for most of their time. Me, all I have to worry about is if I have extra bucks in the budget and extra vacation time to use.

I had some of both—and a very dear friend living about twelve hours away—so I took along a college chum and we drove to Boston from Ohio, stopping at my chum’s house on the way there (and back) for sleep. We had a glorious time visiting my college roommate. And to top off the wonderful vacation, my roomie took me to see the sights…


Quincy Market at Faneuil Hall.


Harbor.... :)

Fun with black-and-white photography at Copp's Burying Ground.



And por supuesto, there are many more photographs, but that was a brief selection from our early wanderings. Besides sightseeing, we held a crazy hair and make-up party in order to record video of ourselves doing very silly things—all that in honor of another dear friend who is currently teaching English overseas at an international school. (The gist of the six-minute video was, “we miss you!”)

That videotaping was probably my favorite old-friends moment of the trip. But there were many other fun times—like the random photo shoot we held near the harbor, in an attempt to capture the perfect image for my chum’s senior recital posters.


It’s now her Facebook profile picture as well.

Thank heaven this wasn’t going to be my only foreseeable chance to visit Boston—there were so many other things we wanted to see and do, and only about forty-eight hours in which we crammed what we could. Even so we managed to hit the high points of the Freedom Trail, a few scenic stops, Harvard and the Boston Public Library.

Had you asked me a few years ago what I thought of road trips, I would have denied that I would ever venture on one—I hated driving. And I still don’t handle very long periods of it too well (though I did manage about five hours last Friday night!). But you know what? Some things are worth a little sacrifice of comfort!

Trips to Boston included.


Alicia Brooks said…
Yay! I like the term "chum".. although when I think of it ... it makes me think "chum bucket"-- isn't that the term for the bucket full of fish guts they use to feed seals and such at sea world? eeww... I wonder which came first and why the second chose to take the term! Along those lines, why is grateful spelled that way instead of "greatful" you would think it would be more related to something "great!" rather than something that "grates" on you... hmmm
Sarah said…
Chum bucket? I've never heard of that... And grateful is related to gratitude rather than anything "great," which explains the spelling, I think. I rather doubt there's much relation to the more pejorative "grating" term. But maybe chum is related to fish? Hmm..... *goes to look it up in the online OED*
Alicia Brooks said…
Ooooohh!! Gratitude! Duh! That makes sense!! Lol and Chum Bucket: ... It's also the name of the restaurant in which Spongebob Squarepants apparently works! :)
Sarah said…
Fascinating! Wow, didn't know Wiktionary had etymological information on it. I usually use the Concise OED for that.

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