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Compendium of Links #15

This week, I spent a lot of time on vacation… in Boston. You’ve read about it already, I’m sure, but I had to prevace this installment of the Compendia with that note because it explains why I’ve spent very, very little time browsing the Internet. Now for your feature presentation….

An acquaintance from college is nearly finished with the Mystery Can Game. Read that linked post for the introduction, then follow his progress from his homepage.

Kate Bolick, writing for The Atlantic (only one of my favorite magazines), thinks American society is moving beyond the ideal of traditional marriage. While I may not agree with her conclusion, the sociological observations she makes are intriguing. (Maybe off, too, but fun to read nevertheless.) In particular, I enjoyed the connections she made between the feminist ideology, the post-Boomer focus on emotional fulfillment, and the dearth of marriageable young males.

We’re just crybabies in the Westexactly what I was telling my friends last weekend! Think about it—if you own a car you are one of the richest seven percent of people in the world. Please don’t tell me how unfortunate you are because capitalism has ruined your life.

The irony? The financial districts of Beijing, Mumbai and Nairobi, last time I checked, aren’t teeming with people yearning for the downfall of capitalism. Indeed, an attempt to launch Occupy Mumbai this week fizzled and died. That’s because, to most Indians, capitalism means investment and the possibility of a better job.

No video for y’all this week, but I’m sure you have your own videos you can send me….. Smile


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