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Compendium of Links #16

This week I had a bunch of evening events to cover that were not meetings. Go figure! Well, one of them was a meeting, but it was on the same evening as two other non-meeting-events, so I still count that evening as a weird one.

Nathan Busenitz (whoever he is) talks about the “I Can Do All Things” verse that everyone quotes (and that I wrote on my college graduation cap). Contrary to how most people take it, it’s about contentment. And I would certainly not change my decision to write it on my grad cap even after reading this:

Out of context, Philippians 4:13 is used as a blank-check promise for whatever is desired. But in context, it is a verse is about contentment. It’s not about your dreams coming true or your goals being met. Rather it’s about being joyful, satisfied, and steadfast even when life is hard and your circumstances seem impossible. [all emphasis original]

The BBC reports that an independent study (funded by interests whose goal is to discredit assertions that man’s actions are causing the earth to warm) has confirmed that the earth is warming. More research to come on ocean temperatures “in order to construct a truly global dataset.” (HT: Gene Veith)

Jon Acuff over at StuffChristiansLike (yes it’s a parody blog takeoff of another parody blog) made this observation staring at a WalMart magazine rack:

The promises that the front cover of men’s magazines make were eerily similar to the promises that the back cover of Christian books make. So I thought it might be fun to play a little guessing game and see if you can figure out which is which.

Play the guessing game over at his blog.

I had never heard of a bamboo bike before last Sunday night, but apparently they’re cheaper to make than aluminum ones. They might provide more affordable transportation to poor Africans, too. So I googled “bamboo bike” and came up with a website for The Bamboo Bike Project, but it hasn’t been updated in what looks like quite a while.

And this week’s video is purely for its audio:

I’ve been stuck on an America (band) kick for the last week and a half. “Tin Man” and “Sandman” are another couple I enjoy.


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