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Compendium of Links #47

Man, it's been a busy weekend. I took my Amiguita (the little girl I'm matched with in Big Brothers Big Sisters) to the YMCA pool today for quite a while -- I kid you not, we spent nearly an hour playing frisbee. Later tonight is a staff party at my editor's house. So right now, I'm chilling before I have to go be all social again. :P

Three coders in California built a better health insurance browsing website than the government. Granted, it didn't have to mess with the security and database issues regarding signups, since it simply directs those looking to actually buy something they see to call some phone number -- but still. It's a whole lot more user-friendly.

A rather funny blog on First Things called Dr. Boli publishes esoteric jokes of general interest, plus some that Christians or Catholics will get, because it's a Catholic site. My favorite posts are the "Ask Dr. Boli" ones... because they sound like this:
Dear Dr. Boli: I play circadian rhythm guitar in the psychobilly fusion rock band, “BiPolar Express.” We tour nearly constantly and our gigs typically last well into the wee hours of the morning. As a result I suffer from a high degree of sleep deprivation. I try to sleep on the tour bus, but it’s not a wise idea to close your eyes when you share a bus with a lead singer named Brain Scissors! I, therefore, am plagued with chronic insomnia. So naturally, I have a lot of time to think. And this leads me to my question for you. If time should suddenly stand still, would I only be able to think in past and present tenses?

 "Sanctification is not always an earth-shattering affair. More often, I think, sanctification and spiritual growth come through the (perhaps seemingly menial) tasks, actions, decisions, thoughts, and words that populate our daily lives." So begins a valuable essay on Evangelical Outpost about "everyday holiness."

Can you read people's emotions? Take an online test at the New York Times website to see how well you do. I scored unerringly on every negative emotion and missed a few of the ones generally considered more positive, however I don't recall my exact score, unfortunately.

King of Tokyo is amazingly fun to play! (It's a board game, and I think it's going on my Christmas list.)

And for your listening and viewing pleasure today, you're treated to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for three guitars. IT'S AMAZING!


Abby said…
Sounds like the Y was fun...:-)
You like weird blogs...
And it even paraphrases/quotes Lewis! :-D
27 correct, most of the wrong ones were related to flirtatious or whatever...:-D
Where in the world did you find that game and why do you find it so fun?
yeah, the guitar thing was pretty impressive...
Sarah said…
Yes, weird blogs amuse me. :D
Anything that includes a reference to C.S. Lewis is worth reading once! :D
Yeah that's about how I did on the test.
Friend o' mine from college brought it to game night a few weeks ago!
Guitarlady said…
You're funny! "Til you have to go be all social again"? Sounds like something your brother would say, or your dad would think....

That quiz is interesting. In some of the pictures the eyes are hard to see, which it makes it more difficult. Certainly it is indicative of the saying - "the eyes are the windows of the soul".

And that guitar playing is phenomenal! I've never seen anyone that plays that well! Simply fantastic! I really enjoyed finding more of his/their videos.

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