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Compendium of Links #48

Today is "The Day of the Doctor" for Whovians like myself -- that is, fans of the British TV show "Doctor Who." However, I must go to work this afternoon, so I shall miss the worldwide premier of the 50th anniversary special episode. Sad, isn't it? Well, not really. Because in the grand scheme of things, a TV show is just a TV show.

A couple of Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators charts for some laughs! Prayers for each Myers-Briggs type ("Lord help me be less independent, but let me do it my way."), LOTR by personality type and Star Wars in MBTI!

Maps showing the etymology of different words in Europe. Funny: Most people in Europe think a pineapple's proper name is "ananas."

The album for the movie "Inside Llewellyn Davis," a movie by the same guys who did "O Brother, Where Art Thou?," is out! I managed to listen to it via NPR's First Listen post, but apparently the audio is no longer available there. If you like folk music, though, it's worth at least getting a few of the tracks.

JOHN WATSON HAS A BLOG. I mean, the John Watson in the British show "Sherlock." It's a real official blog from the BBC team producing the show. It's hilarious. For that matter, Sherlock has his own blog, too, but it's pretty typically Sherlockian.

Need a laugh? Hey Christian Girl Instagram. Really ridiculous Christian pickup lines superimposed onto Ryan Gosling-esque photos. This is now one of my favorite humor sites.

"You should date an illiterate girl," a fascinating fictional piece (short) that rather highlights the intellectual and psychological benefits of reading regularly.

For the Austenite in all of us: I learned everything I needed to know about marriage from Pride and Prejudice, courtesy of The Atlantic. And the article really does have some good points, for all I know. For example: You can judge a man by the size of his library.
In the provincial world of Austen’s novels, small-mindedness is among the greatest of personal and social follies, for which an expansive library serves as a counterbalance. Darcy’s fetching library serves as metaphor for a variety of qualities in a marriage partner today which might counteract contemporary excesses and limitations: broad-mindedness in an age of identity politics and narrow partisanship, integrity in an era of brutal pragmatism, strong work ethic in a culture of shortcuts, steadiness in a swirl of passing fancies.
 And lastly, for your audiovisual enjoyment: A satire. (All I could say was, wow...)


da_baum said…
The Naptime video is almost funny, but they take some of it too far and it's slightly disturbing instead…I mean, more so than the idea of chloroforming your child to make them be quiet is in the first place…
Abby said…
Have you been talking to Lydia or something?

You have a weeeiiirrrd sense of humor....
Sarah said…
John: Lol... I thought it was a fantastic satire of infomercials.

Abby: Lydia? I'm not sure I follow. And yes, I know my sense of humor is, shall we say, eclectic. :P
Abby said…
She's the one I saw those MBTI things from last week.
da_baum said…
Well, I would agree if they didn't take it so far. Especially domestic abuse as a response to a potential pregnancy was a little much… I thought the whole idea of presenting chloroform in a new form as a means of subduing your children was pretty great though.

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