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Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. It meant snow, usually. It meant cousins, but without the stress that Christmas brought. It meant people remembering to thank God for what he'd given them.
  • peanut butter
  • my family
  • cable Internet
  • maps
  • stringed instruments of all kinds
  • wise editors
  • philodendrons
  • tire repair centers
  • repair instruction videos
  • grace
  • cabbage (even when it's mistaken for lettuce)
  • friends nearby
  • far-away friends
  • Skype
  • Aldi
  • cousins
  • commuter trains
  • vlogs (like Emma Approved and The Autobiography of Jane Eyre)
  • Doctor Who
  • fountain pens
  • the times my back doesn't hurt from sitting in office chairs
  • my job
  • extra patience when I don't think I have any more
  • streetlights
  • stars
  • my house
  • my car
  • people who inspire me to change for the better
  • the Bible
  • second-hand shops
  • blankets
  • hats
  • the books of C. S. Lewis
  • movies about superheroes
  • texting
  • windows
  • organized bike rides
If I went on, I'd never stop typing.


Abby said…
Is this list in thankfulness order? As in cousins are much lower than cable internet??> :-D

Also, I first read stars as "stairs" and thought that was amusing.
Unknown said…
I didn't see "pizza and a visit with the Millers" on the list . . .
Sarah said…
Abby: You are silly. :D

Carol: hehehe! It could easily have been there!
Unknown said…
Sarah, how did you know that was me????? Sure enjoyed your visit here! I hope you'll do it again soon! Love, Carol
Sarah said…
Carol, because you're the only one whose posts always come up as "Unknown." :D

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