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Thought on Owl City

Owl City. You know, the guy who made it big singing about fireflies.

I really enjoy the Owl City project (several albums) and musician Adam Young's early acoustic project Sky Sailing. I'm intrigued by the sparing commentary he posts on his blog. His unashamed commitment to orthodox Christianity, and Reformed theology, no less!, inspires me. (He tweeted "Ephesians 2:8-10" tonight, for goodness' sake!)

But sometimes I wonder if I'd actually want to be around him in person. I can't decide.


Abby said…
Not likely. David Tennant said that it is always disappointing to meet your celebrity heroes. :-D
Sarah said…
Hahaha. But would it be disappointing to meet David Tennant, too? :D
Abby said…
One would assume he fits those general guidelines as well. :-D

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