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Compendium of Links #52: Video edition

I spent most of this week not sleeping well. Whether I just couldn't fall asleep until 2 a.m., or woke up earlier than I wanted to, or couldn't nap... it was just tiring. I finally got something close to eight hours last night, I think. And man, I feel far more awake this morning than I have for some time.

For this edition of the Compendium I'll merely have videos, since I've amassed several! Most of them are fun ones with a serious one or two mixed in. (Actually, looks like it's just one serious video.)

What does it look like when you mix paint with an audio speaker?

School administrators pretend they're Queen to cancel school.

HAHA! A while back I saw a video that made fun of stuff Christians in general say (or a lot of Christian guys). This one's for the gals.

Serious video: Inverting men's/women's experiences with sexist treatment. Or should I say, disrespectful treatment. Because that is the problem: Men who act the way the women behave in this video are sinning against their fellow human beings. (Notice: Trigger warning.)

A British TV show makes fun of Pride and Prejudice and it is hilarious! (Mom, there's an F-word.)

The folks from Bad Lip Reading bring us the NFL... again. And they don't disappoint! I laugh every time I watch this.


Abby said…
That school closing one is hilarious.

The paint one is interesting, now all they have to do is do that to the rest of the speaker drums and then they'd have a psychedelic 1970's mood stereo set. :-D Is it more entertaining because they are Brits? :-D

That's reeeaaalllyyy bizarre...

You and your P&P again weeeeiiiiird; your warning was amusing....

That lip reading thing is weeeeiiiiirrrd.

As for the serious video, yeah, ANYONE acting like that, male or female, is certainly wrong. Which is probably why I have problems with both sides (feminist vs. masculinist [?]), extremes of either aren't exactly unusual and are certainly wrong.
Sarah E said…
Yep, the Slo Mo Guys are way more interesting because they're British. :P

And on the serious video, exactly!! WHY people can't get it through their heads that treating ANYONE disrespectfully is wrong? :P (P.S. I would guess that the opposite of feminazi would be "chauvinist pig." ;) )

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