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Congrats, Abby, on writing comment #1,400

If my Blogger comment dashboard has any semblance of accuracy -- and there's no guarantee it does -- my beloved sister Abby was the author of comment #1,400 on this blog when she wrote the inaugural reply to Compendium #53.

For this accomplishment, she gets a blog post dedicated to her glasses!

I hereby dedicate this blog post to Abby's glasses. Because she'd have a bit of trouble driving without them. And we can't have her stranded where she can't visit me, now, can we?



Abby said…
You are silly. :-D
Unknown said…
Wow! I'm glad I didn't write the 1400th comment! :-) Hope all is well in newspaperland! Carol M.
Abby said…
and I was just looking on the left side of the page for your experimental blog to see if you've actually posted on it and I found your what state are you....
I got this, isn't it amusing? :D

You got: Delaware
Now before you freak out about not getting California - hear me out: Delaware is cool as ****. You know what the state motto is? “Liberty and Independence.” INDEPENDENCE! That’s right, you don’t NEED those other 49 chumps. YOU’RE DELAWARE! RUN FREE, DELAWARE. GO FORTH, LITTLE ‘WARE!
Sarah E said…
Carol - yep, going pretty well over here! :)

Abby - Oh, that experimental blog! I haven't really done much with it, still not fond of the comment system and the apparent lack of ability to export the data uploaded to it, so I've stuck pretty much with Blogger/Diigo/Twitter. And yes, that state result is quite amusing!

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