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The things you learn at graduations.

Last Saturday, I was over at a graduation party for a friend from church. While there, I learned that:

1. He has an autographed photo of Chuck Norris; and

2. I am well acquainted with the third-cousin-twice-removed of the first man to walk on the moon! (No, really.)

(That last person is the kid who was graduating, of course.)

....and this is the hundredth post!! But I didn't learn that at the party.


Sam said…
a chuck norris autographed photo! *turns green with envy*
Aleshia said…
Mmm. graduation parties. I didn't go to any this year but I had the vague feeling I should have been going to mine. Businesses kept sending me congratulations on it, so it would have been nice to actually graduate....

Happy graduation by the way. I forgot to tell you that.
RS said…
al - thanks. Don't forget to graduate next year, or you'll end up with another part-time plankton job. :-D

sam - every guy must be obsessed with Chuck Norris.... you're all weird!
Guitarlady said…
Actually, I think a Chuck Norris autographed photo is pretty exciting too! (And I'm not a guy either! *giggle*)
RS said…
Mom! You're just plain ridiculous. Although I bet it helps that you've actually seen Walker Texas Ranger more than half a time... :-)
Anonymous said…
all guys are not obsessed with Norris! We are just amused with him because he's the ultimate...uh, I can't explain exactly. it's a guy thing.
RS said…
Wait! If it's a guy thing, why did Mom giggle? *grin*

(I'm too hurried to log in...)

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