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As Pomp & Circumstance plays...

Announcing My
Homeschool Graduation
"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11
A Homeschool Graduation for
will be held on
June Ninth, Two Thousand Seven
Two o'clock P.M.
My real-life ceremony slash party will end at five, so the cyber party begins at six o'clock P.M.

(Well, that's almost what my cards said...)

So come to my (cyber) graduation party! I shall try to get away after my little shindig to post pictures too!

And in case you're REALLY bored this Saturday, you can get me a cyber gift! (Similar to cyberbucks.) My wish list includes:

USB jumpdrive
laptop battery
plastic drawers (5, on rollers - the kind that are always in the Meijer ads)

[Diversion - a Meijer store is just a Wal-Mart dressed in red. And they spread only through five Midwestern states. Got it?]


small bookcase
digital camera battery
iron with auto shutoff
tabletop ironing board
fridge (2.8 cu.ft.max)
external CD-RW/DVD drive
"World" magazine (college subscription)
tension rod (such as used for shower curtains)
"Godspell" soundtrack
Michael Card CDs
Rich Mullins CDs
cell phone (at least I think I had this on my list... not as big a wish as one might think though)
collapsible laundry hamper
picture hangers
lots of "Forever" stamps

You have to realize, I had a bit of a time trying to come up with this long a list... took me a few weeks, in fact... added the last three this morning...


Sam said…
you are aware that you can buy a USB drive for $20 if you are that desparate...even if its just a 512.

Now if you wanted the 4 gig jumpdrive...then it might cost a few dollars.
da_baum said…
I'm fairly certain Pomp and Circumstance is the most horrible piece of music to play...just so ya know... :)
Heeds said…
huzzah!! the graduate!!
RS said…
Sam: actually, there are 1gig ones on sale often for fifteen dollars. :-)

db: heh, and I didn't even play it (or have it played, whatever) at my ceremony!

heeds: :-) Yup!!

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