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A long time ago (two years, in fact), I used to write bite-sized opinions of books I'd read.

Now I just read them and rate them out of 5, in half increments.

Maybe I could revive the old practice and make it into a blog?....

A friend from the RI just got a gift card to Barnes & Noble and wanted ideas on how to spend it. Here's what I said:

Persuasion, and Pride & Prejudice (Jane Austen); the Complete Father Brown (G.K.Chesterton, actually anything by him is going to be fun); Eternity in Their Hearts (Don Richardson, good missions book); the Just So Stories (Rudyard Kipling, great to read to children); Parker Pyne Investigates (collection of Agatha Christie short stories starring said character); Rose in Bloom (my favorite of L.M.Alcott's); and Abolition of Man (C.S.Lewis - another of my favorite writers).
Enough to start with? :-P
Oh, the "Light and the Glory" books (Light and the Glory, From Sea to Shining Sea, Sounding Forth the Trumpet) are great if you're into early American history.

However, I doubt she'll have any gift card money left after she gets what she really wants. :-)

I got a bookstore gift card too - so what am I to spend it on?? Suggestions? (I or a member of my family already owns all of the above.)


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