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Graduation photos, if you dare to look!

As promised.... pictures of the graduate!

Graduation: Me and my parents

Graduation: Switching the Tassel

I changed the tassel only after my cousin reminded me to. :-P Of course I couldn't just skip it, so I went ahead and switched it over to the other side.

The other funny thing: the kid dubbed Q (on this blog, at least) yelled to me that I had to "chuck the hat". So I did - I threw it as far up in the air as I could. I had no worries about trying to figure out what cap was mine, considering the dearth of 'em at my graduation ceremony. *grin*

More photos forthcoming, if my computer cooperates later!


Mark said…
Hey Sarah! This is my first visit to your blog. Looks great! I enjoyed looking at the pictures. Sorry I missed your graduation... I really wanted to go but work is really busy right now. Our first batch of week-long campers get here tomorrow. I'm spending one of my few slow afternoons at Andrews using the free wi-fi to check my email. I usually work 6 or 7 days a week, so today is a great break.

I'm sure you're going to love college - it's amazing! I'm looking forward to this fall semester with more architectural classes. Someone this week offered me their house to stay in during the school year because they're going to be going to college down in KY. Maybe I won't be living in the dorms... yay!

Have a great summer. I hope to be able to read your posts whenever I get a chance.

RS said…
Hey!! Glad to hear you've been busy. :-P

Oh yeah - I'm plenty excited to start college this fall. I just got an ironing board for it, in fact. :-) Of course I'll be in a dorm room, but it'll be cool if you get into a house!! (Is the college in KY a seminary, perchance? A friend from church is heading down to Lexington this fall for a master's degree.)

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