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Busy busy busy....

Sunday night: church. Pretty much self-explanatory, but it was really interesting. All about beginning anthropology.

Monday night: 4-H public speaking contest. I didn't compete this year, but my sister did; instead I helped announce a couple of the sections.

Tuesday night: 4-H demonstration meeting for my club. We always do one a year, at which everyone demonstrates something-or-other about their project for five to eight minutes each. Not bad, really. We had ice cream and cookies afterwards, too.

Wednesday night: youth group. Good stuff. Played fire-and-ice (or knockout, whichever) afterwards; of course, I was out first time every time. :-P

Thursday night: babysat three children, all under the age of seven, for several hours. I must have played ring-around-the-rosey ten times, not to mention the walk we took and all the other stuff. 'Twas a lot of fun though, even if tiring.

Friday night: finished up my long essay for homeschool. (Well, it's supposed to be for homeschool, but I graduated already; what do you call it if it's not turned in by graduation? Summer school work?) I enjoyed that, actually.... it's a good thing writing's not strenuous, since we went swimming for two hours that afternoon. *big huge grin*

Saturday night: well, it was going to be a night of reading, but the Honor Your Father cookout didn't have enough people, so one of the committee members called up and said that I need to bring my sis over for it. Lots of fun - involved shooting a pellet gun, eating banana splits, throwing a broomstick, tossing bocce balls, and eating lots and lots of cookies!! Good oatmeal cookies!!

Sunday night: no church or small group, unfortunately. I proofread my essay; changed a few things too. Oh, but before that I took my sis over to a graduation party for a mutual friend from 4-H Junior Leaders.

Well, that was last week. We're going swimming again today, as soon as we leave the library!!!!! YAY!!

You know, I should add a label called "Christianity" or "Christianity/Bible" or "Theology/Christianity" or something. We'll call it "Bible" for now, I think.


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