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Second Sunday

I visited the local church - and I mean LOCAL. It's so close, and so frequented by college students, that there's actually a paved shortcut to it!

But of course, it had to rain; so the hem of my dress was soaked when I got there. Fortunately it wasn't raining quite as bad when I left (just a light drizzle instead of a steady drizzle).

Church was nice. Music was different than chapel here at college, which is good. Preaching was good. People were friendly.

They have Sunday school in the evening, which is... odd. But interesting, I guess. I won't be able to go this evening (we're celebrating a birthday today), but I might try it next week!


mafia said…
who's birthday?

What did you do?
RS said…
a friend of mine, who lives at the opposite corner of my section. They got pizza, then we all met in the dorm so they could eat and we could all just talk and hang out and stuff.

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