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Freshman retreat fun

So the freshman retreat was last night and this afternoon.

Last night consisted mainly of pool, euchre, foosball, and variants of volleyball, with a bonfire worship time thrown in for good measure. 'Twas fun. Met a guy who is related to my pastor's wife. (Small world, really.)

And since he was the only other person I knew on the canoeing trip this afternoon, we paddled a canoe together, and travelled seven miles downriver in about an hour (maybe a little over). That was also fun, especially the last mile or two, in which we had a friendly competition with another canoe team to see who would make it to the landing first. (Our two canoes were the frontrunners, even though this wasn't a race.) Oh yeah, we got there a few seconds before they did. Definitely close.

We amused ourselves during the succeeding wait by skipping rocks and trying to keep warm in the sun.

A couple teams got overturned and so were freezing while we waited for the bus to get us. The wind was the worst for them.

The nice thing about fall is that the wind is a bit biting (just don't wear shorts, duh!), the sun shines clearly, and the air is just cool enough to make the light enhance the colors all around. The sky is the deepest sky blue you've ever seen... the trees are greener than normal... the grass is even eye-popping grass green. And when the leaves turn their colors... that will be beautiful.

Now I'm going to do what homework I can find. I'm sure I've got some reading to do or something.


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