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Home for the Weekend (or, music)

As the title thoroughly explains, I'm visiting back home this weekend. It is nice. :-)

I found a bulletin board on sale tonight! So Mom bought it for me. Oh, also got a shirt and some navy shoes. But those were earlier, and not as accidental.

And I didn't know I liked so many of Casting Crowns's songs. "Voice of Truth," and "If We Are The Body," especially. And until this summer, I didn't know I liked so many 4HIM songs either. "Measure of a Man," "For Future Generations," and "Basics of Life" are good.

Yahoo Music is at least good for finding the IDs of songs off the radio that you like. And makes a handy radio station for those times when you're stuck without any good traditional ones.


Guitarlady said…
Yes, "Yahoo" music is handy when you have no radio available but do have a computer! And you can make your own station. Verrry nice!
RS said…
Hah, yes! I use it when I'm doing reading (especially for history).

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