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Funny things at a Christian college

First funny thing: the "drive-in" movie last night was "Grease".

Second funny thing: despite the campus's no-R-rated-movies policy, one of the three movies that everyone has to choose from to see is "The Matrix".

Third funny thing: there are no signs on the food, even just to tell possible allergy-irritating content.

But anyway. It's Saturday, but I woke up early anyway so went ahead and worked more on reading the history chapter for Monday. Long chapter, but rather interesting if you work on paying attention. I have maybe twelve pages left, which is good.


Anonymous said…
Well, at least your campus food is probably edible! I hit as many church pot lucks as possible (just had one today, actually!). Glad you're enjoying college. Hope to see you for thanks giving!

RS said…
Yeah, actually the food isn't too bad. I don't like the mac-n-cheese though! Probably the best stuff is from the make-your-own sub station, or the peanut butter tub. :-D
mafia said…
So everybody chose grease? wow...
Is that really superising about the food?
aren't they supposed to ask you about that at the beginning of the year and you get a special tray if you are?
RS said…
no, whoever was in charge of the movie night picked "Grease".

Well, yeah it is. I don't know about the special tray thing - maybe you were paying more attention at the visit than I was...? :-P All the trays I've seen have been the same color.
mafia said…
No, i mean that the give it to you special. Not that it's a different color....:-p
RS said…
ooooooh.... :-D

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