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What's going on? Dancing!

Let's see... last night I went ballroom dancing again... that is SO much fun.

And I'm going to be working on a research paper this afternoon...

And it's cold here in the library. I must be sitting under an A/C vent or something.

Well, I guess I'll tell y'all about ballroom dancing. A couple nights a week, a bunch of college kids get together to learn various ballroom dances from a guy going here who happens to look like Jesus. (It's funny!) Last night we learned salsa and swing dancing. I learned swing a looong time ago, but I forgot it all immediately, so I had to re-learn it. It was a lot easier than I remembered.

The best part about dancing is when you get a guy who knows what he's doing and you can get on a roll with doing fancy moves like spins and such. :-)

My little friend Bee sent me an e-mail today! And this isn't the first thing she's sent me - last week, I got a picture in the mail from her! That was soooo much fun. Now I'm going to reply to her e-mail.....


mafia said…
And how YOU know what Jesus looks like?
RS said…
Hah, that was my thought! But he's got a bit of a Middle Eastern look to him, and his hair is probably as long as mine, and he's got a nice full beard. So the resemblance to traditional likenesses of Jesus is striking. :-P
Guitarlady said…
Oh yes, dancing with a guy who knows what he's doing makes it much easier.
RS said…
hey, I just noticed! You, Mom, posted the 250th comment! :-)

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