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Midterm exams complete!

As of three o'clock this afternoon, I had completed my last midterm. This last one was an earth science lab exam, in which I had to identify fifty rocks, minerals, and fossils. Which is really not nearly as hard as it sounds!

So the rest of this afternoon was spent typing up results of a survey I conducted for my research paper. This research paper concerns - of all things - Facebook. More specifically, my paper will explore the effects Facebook has on freshman socializing.

No, seriously!


Anonymous said…
you are just looking for a chance to see your friend add their new top favorite band. and tell you that "Joe is humming Overture of 1812."
RS said…
heh, I wish it were that interesting. So far it's been mainly poking and quizzes. And little furry animals that you can "pet" if you like.
Anonymous said…
ah yes. i should invite you to become a ninja!
RS said…
oh goodness... I haven't gotten one of those, but I do believe I'm a vampire, a zombie, and a werewolf now. Oh, and a slayer. Can't forget the slayer.
Anonymous said…
oh you can. i've gotten 30 invites to stupid apps and i just say no!
RS said…
:-P I'm considering removing those apps. I never use them. I rather like the (fluff)Friends app though. It's cute, at least.

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