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It's been nearly a week?


I shall explain. I've been busy working on a paper that I've since turned in - a rather big paper, actually. So that's one reason I haven't posted lately.

Also, I went home this weekend, and visited my grandparents' (the other ones, not the ones I just saw) on Saturday. And my cousins. Great fun!! It was trick-or-treat night in their neighborhood, so my cousins brough their costumes and got all decked out for the event. My one cousin especially looked chilling:

My cousin the vampiress

Isn't that a cool costume?

Thirdly, I had an exam at eight o'clock yesterday morning I had to study for. Not much studying, but still, some. And I found out today that I tied for highest score on that exam. That's good. (I don't know the exact score yet, just that I did that well.)

Fourthly, I had to read a long chapter for history. (All the chapters are long....) And I spent Sunday afternoon doing that. Oh, the joys of reading a rather dry recitation of this world's story.

Fifthly... oh, forget that. Anyways, it's been really cold lately. It's finally warming up this afternoon, thank goodness.


Guitarlady said…
Ah yes - the vampire costume. Oh the joys of having a mom who's an expert seamstress! Unlike your mother.......

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