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Driver's ed again?

Yesterday I went to a really cool driving school to which I received a gift certificate. It's one-of-a-kind, at least in this region of the U.S. - there were people from all over, of course; the teachers were from Florida and California. (The Floridian was actually an Irishman, but has been here in the States for twenty years.) And it's normally REALLY expensive, so when I got this gift certificate I just had to go!!

We got to do crazy things - drive a slalom course really fast (well, as fast as flooring it in first gear will get you - I squealed the tires every time, that's for sure!), drive a car that was rigged up to skid easily and try to keep control of the car while it was skidding constantly for about twelve minutes, floor it into a patch of water and smooth asphalt then try take a quick right turn.... all sorts of fun stuff!

So we learned what to do in such sticky situations as someone suddenly pulling out in front of you, or suddenly coming upon a patch of ice this winter.

And I happened to be going pretty fast on the slalom before some other kids began to, so one of the fathers said I was angling to become a racecar driver. Haha!

That was the best driver's ed course I've ever been to.....


X9 Unit 193 said…
Mafia did a 720 and they think she is not a bad driver....

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