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Thing I have found out about myself #197

I am incapable of sleeping in past eight o'clock, most of the time seven-thirty. Yes, that's A.M. Yes, even when I've been up till one o'clock the night before.


Being Friday night, my dorm is emptying itself of its inhabitants, and tomorrow I will probably wake up to half-empty next-door rooms and a very slow, nearly dead, campus. All of which are conducive to midterm studying! So I will be reviewing notes from history and my journalism class, both of which have midterm exams early next week.

Speaking of which... the other midterm exam isn't going to be all that hard, since it's simply identifying fifty rocks, minerals, and fossils. I went to review the items today, and found that I could probably remember them all if I just looked over my list a couple times. All I have to do is remember that schist is shiny and chert reminds me of the Beatles. (Don't ask me why; I think it has to do with the movie "The Yellow Submarine" and the song sequence in it "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.")

As for the fossils.... I've only seen them once in lab, and once to review, but I just have to remember that the stems of the crinoids look like bamboo and that cephalopods are just a bunch of discs stacked upon one another (at least, that's what they resemble). And that the twigs are not twigs, they are bryozoans or something like that. I can't remember the exact spelling, but fortunately my prof is going to give us an alphabetized list to help with that. Seriously.

I 'spect the history exam will be the hardest. Since it is history, after all. And it will probably have a lot of questions about Louis XIV and Napoleon. My history prof is obsessed with those guys.

Oh, and the dance story I was going to tell! Last night, a benevolent unknown left us dancers two whole pizzas (and some chips, so I was happy)! During one of the songs, most people went over to the side and munched away, but two brave souls (both friends of mine) attempted to perform the impossible feat of dancing and eating pizza at the same time. To cha-cha and chomp.

They actually managed to succeed! Principally by snatching bites in between steps. They had to link arms in order to be able to hold the pizza instead of one another.


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