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Speed Dating

...was hilarious.

As I mentioned, I went speed-dating tonight at a Student Government-sponsored speed dating party. I sat in the same chair for about two hours, perhaps more, yet talked to I don't know how many guys about nothing in particular (except that I must've repeated my first name and major about twenty times). Of course, this was for kicks; and boy, did I ever get a bunch of laughs!

I met...
--a professional ballroom dancer who refuses to go to ballroom dance. (Our theory is that he's too used to concentrating on structure & technique.)
--a half-Brit whose grandmother lives in the British Isles somewhere, whose parents met in New Zealand, and whose goal is to go to New Zealand for photography.
--a guy who thought he was going to play pool, but got drafted into this; he started tossing around the fake rose petals.
--several guys I sorta knew before.
--and one weird guy who may actually have taken the whole "speed-dating" thing seriously.


mafia said…
Sounds hilarious. TWO HOURS though??
RS said…
yeah, it was long but I met a lot of people so it didn't get boring.
Nameless Seeker said…
i'd enjoy dating on spee...wait a minute. nevermind.
Nameless Seeker said…
you just can't resist rolling your eyes at me. i don't get it.
RS said…
it's an instinct. get used to it.
Nameless Seeker said…
oh. an instinct? sounds like my family too. except that you've never met me.

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