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I've now seen "House" (the TV show).

And it wasn't bad. I enjoyed it. Reminded me a little of the old show "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick van Dyke and his son.

I've also played Halo, as of Saturday night. I don't quite understand the appeal of video games, but I guess it was all right. It was hilarious to watch some of my friends' reactions when I shot them out of nowhere. :-P

Thirdly, I was introduced to Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis comedy on Saturday after lunch.

This has been quite the weekend of new experiences!


mafia said…
How'd you get to playing??
What's house about?
JC said…
Oh no! Another homeschooler playing Halo! What will this world come to...

Fun, isn't it? *grins*
Sam said…
did your halo fall far?
RS said…
m: well, I watched "Forrest Gump" first, then when that ended we just stuck around and at the apartment head's suggestion (you know, the one who looks like Jesus) played a few rounds of multiplayer Halo. Two of us four hadn't done it before so he made it a sort of teaching time.

jc: eh, like I said, I don't quite understand its appeal; and it's not something I could sit and do night after night, but I guess it was fun enough, if only because I was playing with some fun friends.

s: only into the creek. :-P
RS said…
oh and m: "House" is a doctor show... the title character is an ill-mannered, lame (literally) genius of a doc who gets into the abnormal, unexplainable cases that show up at his hospital.
Anonymous said…
I see...


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