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Oh well; perhaps once a week is enough.

But I can't handle having just four to five posts a month, so guess what?

I'll be posting more often! :-)

What's new? Hmm....

1. I'm sending FIVE thank-you letters out tonight... two for Christmas gifts (notes I didn't get around to writing somehow), one for a belated graduation card, another Christmas gift thank-you which I put off on purpose (I wanted to form a skirt from the given fabric first), and a Valentine's package I got.

2. Oh yes! The lovely ladies at my home church sent me a box full of goodies and snacks and some post-it notes and a cute little teensy weensy notepad! I received it sometime last week, and between my snacking and a movie night most of it's gone now. It was wonderful though; it had lots of peanut-butter-and-chocolate candy in it! (Reese's Cups, some Hershey's PB-and-chocolate, and some KitKats. I don't know if the KitKats are PB-and-c, but they're sure yummy.)

3. I was videographer for a crazy lip-syncing "Ode to Valentine's Day" which a couple of my best friends put together. It's not on YouTube yet, so I haven't seen the finished product, but I expect it will be sometime late tonight (or perhaps early tomorrow; the editor has a bad habit of staying up late, though her roommate is much worse).

4. I'm going speed dating tonight... see, this is one of those "Ring By Spring!" Christian colleges, which it itself even admits; and to spoof it, there's the speed dating. The concept is hilarious. :-D The aforementioned lip-syncing friends are also going so I'll have people to laugh with, guaranteed!


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