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My cape and a phantom

So if you don't know already, I invariably wear a midnight-blue cape around my campus. I sometimes have random people tell me they like my cape, or wish they had one just like it--yesterday a girl in my dorm (I just recognize the face; don't know her) told me as I passed her that every time her boyfriend sees me wearing it, he says he's jealous and asks her to make one for him. (She thinks not!) I've already lent the pattern for it to a friend of mine, too, who asked after fall finals if she could borrow it.

And apparently I'm not the first one on this campus to sport a cape. It seems that before my time--maybe a couple years ago--there was a girl who looked a bit like me, a religion major, who often wore a cape. I'm asked occasionally by strangers, out of the blue, whether I have a sister who used to go here; and that unknown phantom of the college's past is the reason.


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