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Random update

Wow, I haven't posted since the 29th of January?? That's like, last week! Exactly a week ago!


OK, now for the update. I was a fox and a villager in this hilarious one-act called "Eyefellgloffenhootenanniemerryberrycrunch".... that was a blast. It opened last Thursday, and the last performance of the three was Saturday afternoon. My siblings were here for the weekend, visiting, so they went to that and accompanied me to the cast party that evening.

Apparently, cast parties around here consist of a lot of drama/acting games... charades, etc. I enjoyed it. Charades alone went for at least an hour, I'd guess... it was the longest game. A new one for me was "welcome to the ____ family" in which a volunteer is led out of earshot while the game is explained, then led back in. When the volunteer returns everyone has to imitate what they do, while of course the volunteer has no idea we were told to do this. When they sit down it's the end of the round, and sometimes the volunteer will figure out the game before they sit and start doing funny stuff (the one who figured it out this time stuck her finger up her nose, among other things).

My brother stayed over at a friend's apartment, since I can't have guys in the girls' dorm (obviously). He had a ball, and I think he learned quite a bit about obscure weaponry from said friend. They were talking at Sunday lunch and my friend told my brother not to tell me what all he showed him, because I'm not even aware of all the weapons stashed there. I'm not worried however. :-)

Sunday night was by far the highlight of the week, though. But let me start at the beginning. During the preparation for Friday night's performance, I and a few of the other cast members just happened to start singing some song... I forget what; it may have been Kum-ba-yah. And we discovered we had a very good blend, so we decided to get together again after all the fuss over the play was over... fast-forward to Sunday night. Three of us met in the music room, picked a few songs we liked, and started working on fine-tuning our performance of them. "Be Thou My Vision," "Lean On Me," "Shut De Do," a few others. (We want to do "Lord of the Dance" sometime later on!)

And after that adjourned, my one friend (in fact, the Witch of the one-act play) who had an original song with her let me sit down at the piano and try to accompany her while she sang it. (She was attempting, successfully, to remember how it went.) I had a lot of fun doing it, and she was quite pleased with my accompaniment. :-)

So began another week here at Sarah's College. Stay tuned to hear about my second time meeting with the small voice ensemble which is led by a choir director with a strong, funny personality!


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