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Cheerfulness = warm milk and cinnamon

I was at work today... for eight hours... eight long hours, but not as long as the eight hours yesterday. You see, when you're on your feet for your whole job, these moments of curling up on the couch are relished more than usual.

Working second shift is nice, in and of itself... you feel like you have two whole days to do stuff. The morning/early afternoon is a day, then you still work a full day in the afternoon/evening. And of course, the rather foolish among us continue this second day into the wee hours of the next day, spending time on computer and blogging. ;)

It's very interesting to watch people's reactions to stuff at work. It's quite a stressful environment--fast-paced. Some people do well; others, not so well. When a deluge of boxes comes our way (we're in a shipping warehouse), some deal with it by cussing out every other box; some just buckle down and do the task at hand; some treat it as a challenge, or a race.

And at the end of the night--when your feet hurt, your back aches, your eyes are blurring from looking at little numbers all night, and your hands are sore from carrying boxes and things--you really see what people are like. Some are still cheerful, and will converse happily about warm milk and cinnamon while awaiting new orders.

I like those people.


mafia said…
warm milk and cinnamon? strange....
RS said…
oh, it was discussing ways to help you fall asleep. Not so strange in the context!

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