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Micronational status

"Micronations" are itty bitty nations, apparently, that are hardly big enough to stick a ranch on. Think the Vatican. (That's still a sovereign nation, right?) So apparently some British guy went and took over a man-made sea island forty years ago and declared it his own little nation... and so far, the UK hasn't beat him on it!

Imagine living on a platform, on stilts, seven nautical miles from anywhere....

The wonders of Yahoo! News, old KBers, and Facebook. In other words, the only reason I found out about "The Principality of Sealand" was because John saw it on Yahoo News and linked to the government website from his Facebook page.


Anonymous said…
Woot! I got mentioned on someone's blog! *dances*

RS said…
Lol. Dancing... riight.

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