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A week in review

I've been quite busy this week... as I posted on my other blog, I've:
  • Helped out with VBS two mornings
  • Helped out with my church blood drive one morning/early afternoon (after a VBS)
  • Judged several 4-H projects one morning
  • Had a dentist’s appointment one morning
  • Worked nine-hour days (till midnight-thirty)
  • And worked eight hours yesterday.
I don't regret one single thing in that list. Even though I suffered severe sleep deprivation (less than 3 and a half hours) Thursday morning. And even though my feet, back, and hands were sore by the end of the week.

In other news--there is an apple slice sitting on the couch beside me. I do not know why it is there, nor do I know for whom it was intended (though I have my suspicions). Perhaps somebody will take pity on it, eat it, and sent it to little-apple-slice heaven. Not me though; I don't like apples all that much.


Guitarlady said…
Gone! J sent it to his stomach instead of "little-apple-slice heaven" though!
RS said…
Good for him! Now there won't be an odd brown mass sitting here in the morning. *grin*
Anonymous said…
how about the cute critters in your house that were hoping for "the crumbs that fall from the master's table?"
RS said…
Apple slices don't exactly constitute crumbs. Old croissants, on the other hand... *busily sets out croissants in the hopes that mice will dispose of them so she doesn't have to*
Anonymous said…
but the principle still applies that God allows blessing for even those that we'd seek to destroy for our own personal comfort! and i have a feeling that croissants would disappear not by the mandibles of a mouse, but of a bi-pedal creature that is related to you.

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