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Rather tired... (a history)

...for obvious reasons (just check the timestamp). I'm up late after work, chatting with a friend online (as I do nearly every night after work).

But I did get over a hundred pages into my book today! I'm reading "A History of the Ancient World" by Susan Wise Bauer, and it's fascinating. I really like her writing style, so I'm actually enjoying the story of the ancient Sumerians (where before I was lucky if I could tell you a thing about them besides that they lived in Sumer...). The way Bauer writes, it's really like a story, and the timelines and maps really help me keep stuff together (especially when we're jumping between Sumer, Egypt, and the Indus River).

My sister put me onto this book. History buff that she is, she can usually tell a good history book when she reads one.


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