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Missionary meetups

This past Sunday I got to go with my family to meet a gaggle of just-returning missionaries from all over the world, at an amazing opportunity at my church district's campground. A pretty simple setup--a giant world map, on canvas maybe (it was something pretty sturdy), laid out all over the grass next to the tabernacle at camp, and with band instruments set up next to it.

The amazing part was being able to hear so many stories/prayer requests from so many parts of the world at one time. The missionaries were stationed on the map (that's why it was so big), in the vicinity of where they minister on the real globe. Anyone who wanted could come up and talk to the missionaries--several folks from my church made the trip. And these missionaries were from all over, though we got to talk to just people from Africa and South America (there wasn't time to visit with everyone).

We heard some encouraging stories about breakthroughs in West Africa, changes in South America, and some groundwork being laid in sensitive areas. We prayed with every one of the missionaries as we talked with them, and they asked about us too. Several of the couples from South America were excited to hear that I'd be studying in Central America this fall--I even met two couples who had been at the same language school where I'll be studying! One of them gave me an extra prayer card to carry down with me to one of the professors there, so they can keep in touch (and in prayer).

Fantastic stuff. I'm glad my district was able to host it this year! (This event is held every year, but the location varies all over the U.S.)


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